About A1 Arbitrage

Since its establishment in January 2022, the A1 Arbitrage division has distinguished itself by successfully entering several online commerce markets, solidifying its reputation as a major player in Canada and the United States. With strategic partnerships with renowned Canadian manufacturers, the company quickly gained prominence in the field of arbitration.

Initially specializing in tools, A1 Arbitrage expanded its catalog to offer a diverse range of quality products. This diversification strengthened its position in the market, allowing it to meet the varied needs of its customer base.

The company's transactional website and presence on the Amazon platform are the main points of sale. This dual approach provides customers with a seamless shopping experience, with fast deliveries in less than 48 hours. Furthermore, the collaboration with Amazon allows A1 Arbitrage to reach a broader audience while maintaining the service quality that has built its reputation.


What truly sets A1 Arbitrage apart is its commitment to customer satisfaction. Each product comes with robust warranties, and customers can enjoy attractive discounts. The renowned post-sale service reflects the company's dedication to customer loyalty.

In summary, the A1 Arbitrage division positions itself as a leader in online commerce, offering a variety of quality products, swift delivery, financial benefits, and exceptional customer service.

Reach Us

A1 Arbitrage

827 Boul. Industriel
Québec (QC)
J6Z 4T3

Phone:  +1 (514) 850-5585 #268

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